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Posted by: headm on: March 5, 2016

Benefits And Drawbacks For Installing Neon Signs When it comes to business advertising, neon signs are still a very popular choice to business ads. To many different people, this seems to be an old fashioned approach given the fact that there are plenty of modern LED signs that are more cost effective as well. On the other hand, for those who are seeking for something that can make their business shine and stand out, neon for business signs are undoubtedly the right choice to make. Just one of the most notable benefits for using neon is that it could be custom made to nearly any form or shape. There is art in the process already as they are made by hand. The glass tubes are being heated first and then, it is bent according to the shape desired by the client and the curve’s fluidity is giving additional appeal to it. There is almost old fashioned nostalgia in making use of neon, which makes it a great choice for different businesses that like to promote their image as being retro cool or solid worth. However, neon could also be shaped to modern and cutting edge design to compensate modern business signs. And whenever the business seeks to establish unique brand, the customized neon sign is going to be an integral part of the branding process. Assuming that the end product is beautifully done, it can immediately give the store a recognizable identity. If you have a neon sign that is specifically designed for your business, expect it to be unique as the handmade element comes to play. While there are lots of benefits that come with utilizing neon signs, we could not deny the fact that there are also downsides with it too. As an example, these signs are bulkier when comparing it to slimline LED signs that are usually preferred by modern businesses nowadays. If you have problems in your space, then this might pose some problems. The glass tubes of neon might also indicate that it have more weight than plastic signs, which are lighter. This on the other hand will be a problem only if the sign has to be transported to a distance to which there isn’t a sturdy infrastructure that it can be mounted.
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Neon is also using more electricity to run than LED signs. In the event that you will just be running on one medium sized sign, that might not be much of a consideration to make but if you have plans of a whole array of signage, then the difference in running cost could quickly accumulate.A Beginners Guide To Advertising

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