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Posted by: headm on: August 31, 2015

All About Towing You have to arm yourself with some basic info regarding the type of towing equipment that various companies frequently use if you’re searching for a towing company to call the next time that you’re involved to a jam either your car is getting crunched or refusing to move. You can decide who you need to call the next time that you are in need of assistance by being able to learn about the type of equipment the towing companies are using. Number 1. Many of the towing companies use the same towing equipment as what said earlier. You have probably heard about some companies that are offering better options in line with towing your car and you on the other hand may be tempted to pay for higher price just to acquire these options. Some places just like you to think of such way but in reality, there are not really many options to towing equipment.
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Number 2. The most sensible option that you have for towing is by far the flatbed truck. In reality, this kind of towing equipment is the only option that you have in case that your truck or car is an all wheel or a four wheel drive. Put it simply, the flatbed tow truck is a kind of truck that has a flatbed trailer to which it tilts your car and pulling it to the trailer via chain wrench. The vehicle is prepared for its ride by chaining it down in the back. Be sure that the driver has secured the chain to the back of your car to the trailer to avoid unwanted damages.
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Number 3. Another very popular option is the conventional tow truck with a hook. This type of tow truck is the one that you will frequently see in miniature car collections of little kids. These trucks use hook that is placed under the front of the vehicle. The hook is lifting the front wheel off the ground while it is keeping the rear wheels on road. Number 4. If you need the use of towing equipment pieces for long trips, then it will be recommended to seek the professional services of a towing company that can handle these circumstances. In this case, there are several companies that will prefer to use a covered trailer in hauling the car. This type of towing equipment keeps the truck or car safe throughout its trip. While this might be a costly option, it is all worth the money to protect your car while it is on its way.

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