Teeth Whitening Reviews – Methods of Teeth Whitening

Posted by: headm on: February 26, 2014

Whether your teeth are stained from coffee or tea, smoking or discolored due to natural pigmentation or antibiotics-there’s various teeth whitening methods you can do at home or at your dentist’s office to bring back that bright smile. Since a smile is an important part of your appearance & teeth can become stained over time, teeth whitening or bleaching has become more popular in recent years as well as a traditional part of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry.
Teeth Whitening methods normally involve an oxidizing agent to bleach the enamel, & needs to be done every several months to keep the smile maintained. The enamel will resume absorbing of foods & drinks since the enamel normally becomes more porous after whitening.

Of coursework, there are all kinds of teeth whitening toothpaste on the market today for day-to-day use, but those may do small to reverse noticeable discoloration– although some are a bit stronger than others, & usually contain a slight peroxide type agent or abrasives. There’s an also over-the-counter tooth whitening systems which are stronger than the paste, & often involve a kind of teeth bleaching method. That is normally done over a time period, until desired results are achieved. You can also get additional competitive edge information via internet.

Some home teeth whitening methods involve a mouth guard type tray that is used a few hours per day. The period is normally anywhere from a week to weeks or longer, & disadvantage of the home systems is that the bleaching tray is not custom fit, so uneven whitening can occur or enamel near the gum line does not get bleached, leading to a distinct line.

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