Supplements That Contain Insulin Growth Factor 1 – IGF1

Posted by: headm on: January 30, 2014

Supplements that contain Insulin Growth Factor 1 – IGF1 are highly recommended for people who live very active lifestyles. As you might have also observed, most athletes that do well in various competitions also take deer antler spray.
They do so because it contains Insulin Growth Factor 1 – IGF1. This is the main ingredient that enables them to experience high energy levels. Remember if you experience high energy levels, you can also exercise more and also be involved in intensive training.

This will determine your final performance on the day of competition. There are many sites that claim to deal with deer antler spray which is believed to contain a high percentage of Insulin Growth Factor 1 – IGF1. Well, you must first ensure that you get the facts right about the particular manufacturer.

You see, in order to really reap the benefits of Insulin Growth Factor 1 – IGF1, you must take genuine products that contain this hormone. It has not been banned. Many athletes who take it do not test positive for drugs even when tested.

There are many other benefits of taking deer antler spray. For people with low libido and low rate of fertility, they should also take the supplement regularly as this helps to solve the problem.

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