Study: My Understanding of Systems

Posted by: headm on: February 8, 2016

SMS for Schools These days most everybody uses a cellphone or any mobile device which can send and receive messages from anywhere. Schools can take advantage of this platform if they need to send out notifications of any kind to students and parents which would not cost them much and which would be effective in reaching most of them. Text messaging can be very beneficial to schools that use them in notifying students and parents about functions, activities and other important information. A class can be cancelled due to bad weather or other reasons and SMS can be used to notify students, exam results can be disclosed privately, important school announcements, student union announcements, extra curriculum, promotions and other announcements deemed important for the school to inform students and parents about. SMS can also be used to help students in their needs. On the other hand, parents and students can also use SMS to seek help or to make inquiries about personal or academic issues. They can also reply to school notifications which will be delivered to the school’s inbox. Student problems can be dealt with privately using SMS, where students can report incidences of bullying or they can seek counsel with their problems at home. Sometimes it is not good for children to be using mobile phones because of uncertain health effects, that is why it is much safer if the school notifications are addressed to parents. A proper management of SMS capabilities will be beneficial for schools. Schools should really take advantage of anything technology offers because it will take their communications to the next level. Text messaging can be delivered in bulk when notifications are for everyone to know. It can also send messages to a particular group in the whole school, a sports team for instance, and the best is the one on one contact with every parents and student involved in that school.
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There are times when a student wants to communicate to school authorities privately about issues that concern him perhaps about his academics or some problems in his home situation. This can be done at any time which is unlike having to schedule a consultation at an appointed hour and at a particular place. Mobile devices has the ability to track messages and notifications sent by the school so that they can monitor exactly when students or parents receive messages. It is comparable to a school audit system.
Study: My Understanding of Systems
There are a lot of new ways that messaging can be implemented in schools especially now that there are more advancements that will allow messaging from your PC or integrated into your system or existing software. If there are particular needs for you school’s SMS communications, advanced solutions are already available for the taking.

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