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Posted by: headm on: April 20, 2016

Different Beliefs of Pentecostals Because we have the religion and beliefs included in the culture of each and every country, it is best for us to know each kind of religion so that we may follow it properly because it can gravely affect our lives on how we think and how we also act. Christianity is a very big religion and because of this it also has many sectors wherein different people are joining it and each of the sectors have their own beliefs like in the beliefs of the Pentecostal group. The first thing that Pentecostal group believe is that they only believe in the ones of God and this opposes the trinity belief of God in other sectors of Christianity wherein God comprises of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy spirit. The Pentecostal group has believed ever since in the doctrine that Jesus alone is the only God and the oneness of God is very significant to them this is why they really value the doctrine that stated this. Some of us have faith that God is our divine and ultimate healer and this is also true for the Pentecostal group because they know that doctors are only there to keep their body healthy but God is their ultimate healer and no one can replace that. Most women who belong in the Pentecostal group are not allowed to wear pants and even fashion jewelries and watches or other accessories related to these because they believe in being modest in their looks and actions as well as they live.
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The dresses of the women must be below the knee in terms of its hemline and in addition to this, the women are not allowed to swim with men when there are gatherings or parties because they are still believing to practice modesty. The men and women of the Pentecostal group must at all times practice modesty by not socializing in parties, not watching movies or going to sports or dancing in parties and the men should also cut their hair properly.
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Speaking in tongues when being baptized by the Holy Spirit is not the significant for the Pentecostal groups as opposed to other Christian sectors because this group believes that this is a supernatural outpouring and this is one of the signs of the unbelievers. For the Pentecostal group, the washing of the foot is very important and plays a significant role during baptism and communion unlike other Christian sectors who do not give importance to this kind of act.

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