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Posted by: headm on: February 23, 2016

Telephone Systems for Business Communication The communications facility of any business is something that need to be looked into if business is to be done properly. The IP-PBX and the Hosted IP telephone systems were developed using new technologies to answer these communication needs of present business enterprises. Nowadays business choose between these two telephone systems only. A business looking into the different telephone systems should first look at the features that both systems offers, and then look at the benefits that they can get out of each. The hosted VoIP is internet based. The equipment and all activities the telephone system needs to operate are managed by the hosting provider. All activities use a reduced amount of bandwidth where the system operates through the business network. Because communication costs are reduced, the business stands to gain from its use. Equipment and calls and services are all managed by the IP server which is located in the supplier’s premises. The subscribers to hosted VoIP telephone system benefit from the low monthly charges and bonus packages given by suppliers and will add savings to their businesses. On the other hand, all equipment of the IP-PBX telephone system are located on the user’s premises and not on the provider’s location. The IP-PBX basically functions like a PBX system except that this system uses software and LAN for signal transmission from the IP to the PBX server. In the IP-PBX system, providers manage all calls and they enable other features like call switching, routing, and queuing, but basically it functions like a traditional PBX.
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To enable them to choose what system to use for their company’s benefit, businesses need to consider how the system will perform in the long run, the costs of maintenance, and the disadvantages of the system. An IP-PBX system needs hardware and server housing for the elements so that there will be a connection between the providers and the IP telephones. On the other hand, the hosted VoIP requires only telephone equipment because the server is located on the premises of the suppliers.
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Hosted VoIP systems are cheaper in terms of installation and maintenance costs because of fewer equipment. They also have lower monthly costs and facilities used because the supplier provides new features and software. It is also possible to easily add new telephone lines to the system. Because the IP-PBX system uses a lot of hardware, its installation and maintenance costs are higher. Because maintenance and servicing required another independent service, this will add to more expenses in the long run. Since this system allows users to adjust the features to their preferences, there is much flexibility is this system. There are free open source features available as they are developed and they reduce costs over a long period of time.

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