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Posted by: headm on: May 20, 2015

The Purrfect Way to Keep Out Cats Cats can be pesky animals. Due to this fact, people wonder how to keep cats away. There are multiple websites that you can view if you are in this position. Going to one of these sites will allow you to find a multitude of cat repellants. The great deal of options that are available to keep cats away is preceded by one way specifically. By far, the most efficient way to keep cats away is by using something that is easy to find at most yard care stores – chicken wire. There is no need to form a huge barrier composed of chicken wire, but to rather lay a network of chicken wire across the ground. This may seem odd, but cats hate walking across chicken wire, making it a top notch cat repellant. Beyond chicken wire, there exists numerous ways to go about repelling cats. Cats despise water like no other, a substance that is very abundant and readily available. The hatred of water can be used to your advantage if used correctly through systems such as water sprinklers. Also, the use of water guns will enable them to learn that they are unwanted while also soliciting an amount of fun in doing so.
A Quick Overlook of Repellents – Your Cheatsheet
Pushing the water fighting technique aside, commercial options are next in line for repelling cats. A top contender amongst the commercial scene for cat repellants is a powder. This powder contains aromas that resemble the urine scent of cat predators. Making the powder smell this way causes the cat to think that a predator is near by, forcing the cat to stay away from the area.
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If you are hoping that there is a natural way to do this rather than using a commercial product, you are in luck. A range of plants are actually capable of keeping cats away. A particular kind of plant that does a good job at repelling cats is called coleus canina. This plant works by a similar mechanism as the powder; it releases a scent, however, this time the scent repels cats simply because they do not like it. There are several other plants that can accomplish this as well including, rue, lavender, and pennyroyal. What is key to the powder and plants is scent, which can be used in other ways as a cat repellant. To the same notion, other objects can be supplemented as long they produced an unpleasant odor. Some examples of things that can do this are dried-blood fertilizer, mothballs, and peppers. However, it is important to note that mothballs are toxic to cats, so precautions should be taken to not allow the cats to eat them. The last way to repel cats is to actually keep them localized to a certain area. The use of catnip will allow you to choose where cats are attracted to, thereby repelling them. This mechanism is cheap, and can reduce any harm done to the cats.

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