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Posted by: headm on: March 15, 2016

The Benefits of Using Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers You may have known about the Mylar bags through family and friends also through the different advertisements that are on the internet. These bags are actually used to store food and they are also used along with those oxygen absorbers. You may have become really interested about the Mylar bags since you now want to use them for long-term food storage. Mylar is actually a trademark name just like the other names of products that you can find out there. When you are referring to the bag, then this is a type of clear material created from polyester resin. The popular Mylar bags which are used for storing food are those clear mylar materials laminated to aluminum foil which is made to look similar to a flexible tin can. There should be greater layers in order to provide a strong bag and also more protection for your food. In order to get the benefits provided by the mylar bags when using them for long term food storage, then you should use the 4.0MIL mylar bags. To give your food ultimate protection, then you can double bag it too.
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If you would use aluminum foil for cooking and for storing food, then such can offer you the protection that you need for your food. Also, this can help in reducing the access of air and heat that gets into your food and this can help preserve it for a certain period of time and provide protection from oxygen, odor, moisture and light. The mylar bag are able to do more than what the aluminum foil does. The aluminum foil may readily tear but the aluminized mylar bags have lots of layers of mylar and aluminum bonded together and through this, the bags are able to endure weights.
What You Should Know About Bags This Year
The mylar bags can also be laminated with aluminum and the white plastic. This is actually done for the purposes of commercial printing. You may have seen the mylar bags when you went shopping. Chocolate bars, bags of nuts, the filter coffee, cereals, crisps, cookies, instant mash potato and muselli are some of the foods stored in mylar bags. There are certainly great benefits that you can get when you use the mylar bags for storing food but you should know that there are other things that can affect your food. When you eliminate these elements, then the food can be stored for five to 15 years once it is dried and dehydrated. When the mylar bags and oxygen absorbers aren’t used, the dried foods can just be stored for six months to a couple of years.

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