Social CRM Tools Can Work For Your Small Business

Posted by: headm on: July 17, 2013

CRM tools or Select CRM tools have been around in the industry for years. Businesses have used them to manage the interactions of customers across departments and channels including sales, technical support, marketing, and customer service. However, where the traditional systems are starting to fall short is their inability to incorporate their customers social network data. BY Select ERP

This is important because customers frequently share with friends and followers the product that they intend to purchase as well as ask each other product related questions. They also tend to share their personal experiences that they have had using the product.

There are some social CRM tools that can be used by small business to help them stay connected to social channels, help to generate leads and increase sales while satisfying the customers.

Batchbook is one of these systems. Batch book allows a business to be able to manage their address books and contacts as well as track conversions, leads, sales, deals, and much more.

Businesses that use batch book can access Linkedln profiles and also be able to read Twitter feeds from the inside platform. They will also be able to connect with Facebook to gather background information on potential contacts.

Nimble is another tool that combines social media and CRM. It provides automatic social integration which will automatically identify the social profile of a contact on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and then allow the business to connect, and engage with the contact.

It also allows you to do a social search of the networks for relevant keywords that will help to find leads may be looking for the products of your company. Nimble also provides a unified inbox, the ability to import social contacts, and integration with HootSuite.

Other social CRM tools such as BlueCamroo, Insightly, and GreenRope are available as well. Using these tools can help to provide a business a bigger picture of just who their customers are, what products they are looking for, and what they are saying about the business.

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