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Posted by: headm on: October 19, 2015

Questions to Ask When Finding a Competent Criminal Defense Attorney When you are found guilty of a criminal offense, it is possible that you will face jail time, not to mention some hefty fines and forfeiture of your property, including your car, home, or any other valuable possession. In order to avoid all of these, you need to choose a competent, brilliant, and well-experienced criminal defense lawyer. Also, find one with lots of litigation success and additional and extensive knowledge of the law. You must not forget that the objective is to acquire the best defense possible. There are actually a variety of ways to look for a criminal lawyer. Start with the most basic – your yellow pages. Other options include word of mouth, the internet and search engines, and from experts. For obvious reasons, you will have to talk to each one of your prospects before you make a decision on who to hire. Good thing is most good attorneys out there will be providing free initial consultations, which means you no longer will spend money for the consultation. It is during this time that they will expect you to ask so many questions about their experience, capabilities, promises, and many more. Being the one accused of a crime, you carry the responsibility of knowing the right questions to ask your prospective lawyer.
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How long have you been practicing and specializing criminal defense?
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First of all, not every lawyer are the same in terms of expertise. This means that the one you’re talking to might be a practicing lawyer for more than twenty years but is actually not a criminal attorney. What you need is not just an attorney but someone who has experience as a criminal defense attorney. How many years have you been representing individuals accused of a crime? The same as the first question, asking this question will give you a lot of information about the specific lawyer’s experience. What’s the track record in terms of criminal charges that were reduced or dropped? It’s also a very essential question to ask since you definitely would choose not to go to court and defend yourself against the charges filed against you. What is the percentage of your cases which went to trial? A criminal defense attorney shouldn’t just be an expert in settlements and putting the effort in avoiding a trial, he also must have enough court experience in the event that the case eventually lands in court. Lastly, you should ask the lawyer about the cases they’ve handled that are like yours. Although we’re not saying that it is a pre-requisite, it is really advantageous if you hire someone who has a previous knowledge and experience in handling a case that is similar to what you’re facing right now.

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