Six Advantages Of Doing Business In Hong Kong Business Centres

Posted by: headm on: January 23, 2013

Hong Kong, with its small government and large market philosophy is by far the best place in the world to conduct a business. A research was conducted by Bloomberg on six economic indicators like economic integration, cost of setting up a business, corruption and inflation, household consumption, consumer base and GDP per capita and termed Hong Kong as one of the best business destinations in the world.
Some of the advantages of doing a business in Hong Kong:

– Hong Kong’s bilateral economic ties are strong.

– Hong Kong is a gateway to economic powerhouses, respectively European Union and Mainland China. There are large consumer markets that are serviced in Hong Kong. The mainland market continues to grow at a significant rate and the European Union happens to be the largest consumer market till date.

– Hong Kong has the 3rd largest global financial sector. It continues to play a vital role in the growing number of outbound investments made by the Chinese.

– Hong Kong also happens to be the largest investor in China and the largest recipient of Chinese investments. Nearly 70% of the outbound investments by the Chinese go through Hong Kong.

Hong Kong business centres have world class logistics and are the best place to put up a regional distribution centre and a regional headquarter. Hong Kong has a huge port, a large air cargo port and has some really innovative logistical companies.

– Transparent, open and international are the highlighting features of Hong Kong. There are about 6000 successful Dutchmen in Hong Kong. These people enjoy the advantage of doing their businesses in the best place and have a lot of strong ties and business with Hong Kong.

Attractive prices, rents and deals have brought in new entities to Hong Kong. They are easily settled within no time as there is an ease in finding places to settle down like the Hong Kong business centres, office spaces, virtual offices and the like.

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