Simple Steps to Avoid Hackers

Posted by: headm on: November 17, 2016

Just like a thief that wants to break into your car or your home, if a computer hacker really wants into your computer, eventually they will find a way. This does not mean you need to make it easy or that you cannot find ways to continue to stump them. But it does mean that doing the silly things with your computer that hackers look for is equal to leaving your window open and your wallet on your car seat.

Interviews with former hackers have made it easy for all computer users to learn what not to do. They have consistently listed the same few ways they find weaknesses in computer security. These methods include accessing accounts with simple passwords and infecting sites with malware.

The reality is, much of this could be avoided if people would pay attention to the basics. First of all, have good anti-virus and anti-malware programs on all of your computers. Make certain your passwords are not something simple. Avoid the standard “123456”, the name of your pet or using “password” as your password. Despite warning after warning people continue to make these mistakes.

Remember that your business network is only as strong as your weakest computer. Many businesses have been hacked because criminals were gaining network access through old computers. These computers were operating with outdated security programs and were an easy target for an ambitious hacker.

Once in hackers are often able to entirely take over a company. They can change website content, change email passwords to prevent access from the true owners and even drain financial accounts. In many instances the hackers who are doing these things are located overseas and impossible to find or stop.

Protect your company and yourself. Remember your identity and credit is at risk as well as those of any employees or clients whose information your system might contain. If their information is stolen, you could be liable. If you are unable to identify and repair the vulnerable areas in your systems, contact a professional who can help. Within an hour or two you could easily be protected against a problem which can take you years to repair after a hacker hits.

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