Short Course on Reels – Getting to Square 1

Posted by: headm on: November 4, 2015

Would You Like To Learn More About Bait Casting Reels? Bait casting reels come in a load of options, qualities and components, as the same with most fishing gear. There are multiple simple characteristics that can be easily identified by the beginner and can help a lot when choosing a bait casting reel, along with this. The body material and construction, bearing materials and construction and the turn ratio of the crank are the most important things to consider. Bait casting reels are only for the most advanced fishermen is a common misconception that people have and this is actually not the case anymore. Since many of the bait casting reels on the market are going to be made with very high quality materials, even the most novice of fishermen can easily learn the techniques of using it. Bait casting reels are typically made of two materials such as aluminum or graphite. What makes graphite reels so useful when saltwater fishing is the fact that they are lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion. Since they are much stronger, you may want to choose a bait casting reel that is made from aluminum, if you are lusting after a giant marlin or tuna. Likewise, if you are fishing for croppie or other pan fish, a graphite reel will do you just fine. Inside of the reel there are ball bearings or bushings and these are other parts of a bait casting reel that you need to pay attention to. These are the components that have the most impact of the reels smoothness and feel. Most experienced fishermen prefer to have stainless steel ball bearings as opposed to bushings. Also, the smoother the cranking will be for you, the more ball bearings the reel has. Having smooth cranking is essential for any good fishing reel, which helps you notice whether or not you have a fish at the end of the line. A wide variety of ball bearing counts is what bait casting reels come with and it generally ranges from two to six. The amount of ball bearings in the fishermen’s reel is going to be determined by the budget they can spend, but two ball bearings should be your absolute minimum. Of course, the more costly it is going to be, the more ball bearings a bait casting reel has.
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Before you purchase a bait casting reel, the last thing you are going to have to consider is the turn ratio of the crank. Once again, bait casting reels come with a wide variety of turn ratios of the crank. Jig working, trolling and bottom bouncing are good applications of high cranking power, while general line hanging and bank fishing are better suited for lower cranking power.A Beginners Guide To Products

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