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Posted by: headm on: September 24, 2015

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Pressure Washers Almost every single year, there are countless of property owners who are dealing with mud, dirt, leave and various types of debris on the surface of their home’s driveways and sidewalks. Not only that, their cars are also caked with the result of mud, oil and road salt. Any simple pressure washer is capable of transforming ordinary garden hose into a monstrous device that can blow away debris, oil and dirt. An ordinary pressure washer has the ability of putting up to 20x more pressure on the surface than the garden variety hoses. When you’re looking for a quality pressure washer, you have to consider its water pressure. Bear in mind that pressure washer surface cleaner in light pressure model is a lot effective compared to the garden hoses but better not expect too much from it especially when it comes to heavy jobs. Common garden hose is capable of emitting 40lbs per square inch of water pressure while the light duty pressure washers are rated at approximately 1300 – 2000lbs per square inch. Also, the light duty pressure washer surface cleaner is more suitable when cleaning cars, patio furniture and awnings. For pressure washers with ratings of 2000 – 2600lbs per square inch, these are very ideal in cleaning concrete like grease, grimes and mild stains on bigger surfaces. The heavy duty pressure washers can emit to around 2700 – 4000lbs per square inch and works nicely if you have stains or stubborn grease on concrete or even if you have to remove dirt, debris and flakes from the surface when preparing it for sealing or painting. There are various types of pressure washers such as the following:
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Electric pressure washers – made in all 3 levels of pounds per square inch, light duty, medium duty as well as heavy duty. The ratings by some leading online sellers of pressure washer pumps, pressure washer equipment and pressure washer parts don’t’ show preferences between gas pressure washer and electric pressure washer. Put simply, the ratings are just distinguished as good, better and best with its size category.
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Gas pressure washers – if you are into something that has better portability, then this is going to be your best shot. However, it emits more noxious fumes and a bit noisier when operating it. And much like the aforementioned pressure washer, it is available as well in light duty, medium duty and heavy duty models. Hot water pressure washer – one of the best innovations in pressure washers, which works perfectly for those jobs that are really difficult where nothing else cut through dirt.

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