Shawn and Bobs Solution

Posted by: headm on: July 22, 2012

Shawn and Bob were working on a computer and as soon as they finished they had to deliver the computer to Alberts house. The problem was they did not have enough gas in the car to make it to the gas station. They quickly scurried around looking for some extra change. In a short time they found the change they were looking for. On the way to the gas station they decided they wanted to avoid driving to Alberts house every time he needed his computer fixed. As they were discussing ways of doing so, they passed a sign that read online pc repair. They thought that was a brilliant and started planning how they were going to do this.

When Shawn and Bob got to Alberts house, they ran the idea past him and he agreed it was a good idea. So Shawn and Bob got to work setting Alberts computer up and getting it ready for online pc repair. Once they finished setting the computer up Shawn and Bob told Albert that next time he had a problem the only thing Albert would need to do is give them a call. Shawn and Bob could now connect to Alberts computer through the internet and fix whatever problem Albert was having. Shawn and Bob did not have to worry about wasting gas again.

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