Security Shutters for Domestic Use

Posted by: headm on: October 15, 2013

A lot of modern homes will already feature a range of security features such as locked double glazing, intruder alarms and external security lighting. However, if, after that kind of protection, your home has been attacked or broken into or you have extremely valuable items to protect, then you may be considering fitting security shutters, grilles or door gates to your home.

Security shutters offer an effective and unobtrusive barrier against burglary, break ins and theft. Fitting this type of security measure to your home can be a very expensive exercise so it is important that you check out other security measures before deciding to fit shutters and grilles to the windows and doors in your home.

Security shutters can be bought as external shutters or internal shutters and both have advantage and disadvantages. External shutters create a initial, physical barrier which protects your home. They are especially useful in preventing smash and grab style robberies. However, a disadvantage being that they give a clear indication that you are not at home and need to be backed up by an alarm, especially if you live in a remote location. Internal shutters still offer the protection from smash and grab burglaries but they are a little more discreet as they are mounted on the inside of the property.

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