RS Money Making With Runescape Slayer

Posted by: headm on: December 27, 2012

There are many things you can do while training to 99 Slayer, and if you want to earn the most money possible, every Ruescape player should learn from this RS Slayer guide. And here are three things you should note in order to make sure you are earning the most money possible.

One thing is the ring of wealth. When training to 99 Slayer with this Runescape Slayer guide, you should always wear a ring of wealth. It will give you a better chance of getting rare drops. And they will bring you great benefit to your game.RS money. Also fighting harder monsters will give you more experience.

The third thing is the Slayer items. You should use your Slayer items to your best then you can train as fast as you can. If you use the enchanted gem, it will give you a better feel for how far you are on a task. Therefore, you can start to get prepared for a new one. At level 50 magic and 55 Slayer, you can use the Slayer staff with the magic dart attack for a fast, powerful and cheap way to kill your Slayer monsters once you decide to use magic. At times, Slayer items will be needed to kill various Slayer monsters. You can keep a good stock of Slayer items in your bank, just so you will not waste a trip by not having the proper items, even be able to kill the monsters.

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