Reverse Mortgage Loan Calculator Helps Homeowners Determine Their Potential

Posted by: headm on: November 12, 2012

There are an estimated 80 million persons on the verge of retirement, which means they will probably need additional sources of income. The market has decreased the quantity of retirement funds that many expected to receive, and many homeowners do not need to remove their savings only to be able to stay in their house. Their solution has been found by many homeowners in this financial predicament in a Reverse mortgage calculators, which helps homeowners save money by eliminating monthly mortgage payments and providing access to home equity.

What the Calculator Accomplishes

If a homeowner thinks a reverse mortgage loan could be a feasible choice, there is now an efficient way for homeowners to determine their qualifications for the loan, as well as determine how much they could possibly receive. reversemortgagecalculators.us has recently started a new reverse mortgage loan calculator that can help homeowners who are considering this financial product with their selection process.

The calculator first determines whether a homeowner is eligible for this product. Then, it uses the homeowner’s age, house value and mortgage balance to compute the loan amount he or she could possibly receive. While there are other, similar reverse mortgage loan calculators that exist, this calculator is exceptional in the fact that it uses an average of interest rates and application fees from all over the business to provide the homeowner’s approximation. Their estimate can be then compared by the homeowner with what is being offered by reverse mortgage lenders.

In addition to everything else, estimates are provided by the calculator for both fixed – rate and adjustable – rate mortgages in order to give prospective borrowers more alternatives to select from. Once a homeowner receives an estimate of the loan amount he or she could receive, the calculator also shows the different disbursement choices the homeowner can select from, including a lump sum, line of credit, monthly tenure payments or a customized option that best suits the homeowner’s demands.

This calculator simplifies the most difficult part of the selection process one goes through when deciding how to fund his or her house. Once a homeowner’s qualification and loan estimates are computed, he or she should talk with a reputable reverse mortgage calculator specialist to support the correctness of the advice he or she received. A loan specialist can verify the homeowner’s eligibility and provide them with an official quotation, which should either verify the estimates they received or make them more exact.

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