Raptors Knicks win by beating the Eagles win over the Magic Bobcats Bucks

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March 21, the eastern three teams are at home clearance, Lectra Bobcats Raptors; Knicks win over the Magic, the first place to keep the Atlantic region; Hawks defeat Bucks, and strive to rank up. The following is an overview of these three games:

Raptors 101 – Bobcats 107

Bobcats (16-52) two-game winning streak. Gerald – Henderson scored 21 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Kemba – Walker 14 points, Josh – Mike Roberts 12 points and 12 rebounds. Bench Byron – Mullens four free throws in the last minute, scored 25 points, the – Gordon 16 points, Jane Gennaro – Pargo 11 points.

Raptors (26-42) two-game losing streak. Rudy – Rudy Gay scored 25 points and eight rebounds, DeMar – DeRozan had 19 points, Kyle – Lori microblogging 18 points, wholesale nfl jerseys, seven rebounds and five assists, Jonas – Kovalam Hugh Nasdaq 18 points and eight rebounds.

Four days ago, the two teams had just played against, also leading the Bobcats in the fourth quarter, but eventually to 78-92 defeat. Bobcats today to gain advantage in the first three quarters, the last one was back, but this time, they keep the fruits of victory.

Half Bobcats slight advantage to 53-48 after three, the Raptors will recover as the score 71-74.

Pargo beginning in the fourth quarter even with 5 points, the Bobcats 6-0 to 80-71 to expand the. Telfair also to third, the Raptors are 7-0, in turn narrow the gap.

Competition also 48.4 seconds, the Lowry hit two free throws, the Raptors will recover as the score 99-102. Gordon missed a ball, Johnson hit two free throws, the Raptors only in 101-103 behind. Mullens critical moment hit two free throws, then he steals, cut off the Raptors hope.

Bucks 90 – Hawks 98

Hawks (38-30) at home against the Bucks last 10 wins nine times. Jeff – Teague scored 27 points and 11 assists, Al – Horford 26 points and 15 rebounds, German – Harris 15 points and six assists, Josh – Smith 12 points, 16 rebounds and six assists.

Bucks (34-33) two-game winning streak. Brandon – Jennings scored 21 points and five assists, Monta – Ellis only 2 of 14 shots, scored five points, Larry – Sanders 19 points, 14 rebounds and five blocked shots, wholesale jerseys cheap, JJ-Ray Dick 18 points and six assists.

Previously a fight, Hawks Horford with 5.9 seconds before the whistle hook shot to win 103-102. Clash once again, the Eagles opened the gap in the third quarter, the last time the Bucks withstood counterattack.

half last 27 seconds, one person Teague scored five points, he hit a buzzer, the Hawks to 48-43 lead.

third quarter started, Teague hit the third, the Eagles 7-0, widen the gap to 55-43. This section concludes with 5 minutes 33 seconds, the Bucks could not hit a ball, Teague and hit a buzzer, the Hawks played after 11-1 to 77-59 lead into the final one.

Bucks at the last minute to close the gap, the game still 58.5 seconds when Jennings made two free throws, they only 90-94 behind. Eagles Thereafter mistakes, gave the Bucks chance, but unfortunately not in the cast Jennings. Smith hit two free throws, Jennings again not in the third, the Bucks lost the opportunity.

Magic 94 – Knicks 106

Knicks (40-26) two-game winning streak. Carmelo – Anthony back, had 21 points and eight rebounds, Kenyon – Martin 11 points, Raymond – Felton 7 points. Bench JR-Smith 22 points and seven rebounds, Steve – Novak 11 points.

Magic (18-51) five-game losing streak, lost all four games this season, the first time in 15 years, the Knicks have been swept. Tobias – Harris scored 14 points, Maurice – Hack Reese 11 points and six rebounds. Three double bench, Andrew – Nicholson 14 points, Benno – Udry 13 points, Kyle – Quinn 12 points and 14 rebounds.

Anthony missed three games back, but the Knicks are still employing stretched veteran Kurt – Thomas, Rasheed – Wallace, Amare – Amare Stoudemire and Tyson – Chandler , who is still sidelined.

Anthony in good condition, an opening on the two-thirds vote, the Knicks to a wave of 12-5 start, the audience leading the way. The first section also 3 minutes 49 seconds, Coupland hit three-pointers, leading the Knicks to 22-7. This section played nearly 10 minutes, the Magic scored only in double figures, the first section to 15-26 behind.

Magic II several times to close the gap, chasing the score 38-42 after Anthony and Hill Mu Pote have hit the third, the Knicks maintain our competitive edge to 51-46 entering the second half.

Smith and Felton hit third in succession, the Knicks quickly opened the gap in the third quarter. Anthony in the last minute of this section also hit the third, the Knicks scored 5 points, to 83-65 lead with 18 points.

Finally a Knicks extended the advantage to 20 points or more, Anthony, who no longer play.

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