Quilting Patterns for Novices

Posted by: headm on: July 15, 2013

Quilting is a popular pastime present in almost all cultures for several centuries. In the past, quilting used to have a more practical purpose but today it is mainly a hobby to exercise creativity. For beginner quilters, it can be quite daunting to see the number of different patterns available. It is a good thing that there are quilting patterns that have been specifically recommended for people that are just getting into this wonderful hobby. Here are some patterns to check out as recommended by quilting retreat in Leech Lake MN experts.

Probably the most basic pattern any quilter can try is the one patch square pattern. All that is needed is to cut out a few squares within a specific color scheme with matching sizes. The quilter can then sew the squares into rows on the quilt top. You can either choose random placement of the squares in order to create a so called scrappy appearance. Those that prefer a more structured scheme can follow their own pattern preference.

Another beginner quilter pattern to try is the rail fence pattern. This type calls for a more structured color scheme comprising of at least three to four colors. A rectangular shape is cut from each patch along with three or four rectangles sewn to one another in order to create a square. All of the squares are laid out and then sewn on the quilt top using alternating horizontal and vertical stripe patterns. What you will see will look something like stair like steps.

Another novice pattern for beginners calls for the use of triangle shapes. All that is needed to do is to cut a few triangle patches with the same sizes and then place them separately into different piles of either light or dark colors. The next step is to sew them into rows using an alternating light and dark pattern. If you want to get more quilting patterns appropriate for your skill level you may want to attend quilting retreats in Leech Lake MN to get the latest ideas.

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