Questions About Doctrines You Must Know the Answers To

Posted by: headm on: November 22, 2015

The Doctrines of Demons: A Guide Many Christians don’t read their bibles nowadays. What is even worse is the tendency by such people to feed other people their wrong interpretation as God’s true word. Of the few who do read, they often take what suits them best, or interpret the word in a manner that will justify the ungodly deeds they do. What happens when a wrong interpretation of the bible is taught to the masses? 1Timothy 4:1 it is written “Now the spirit expressly says that in later times, some will depart from faith giving heed to deceiving and doctrines of demons. They more of advance the devil’s agenda instead of God’s, 1 Timothy 4:1 warns us of our deviation from the true faith as a result of doctrines of demons and deceiving spirits. When something is taught for a long time without the believer questioning it, it tends to stick as the truth. Among the common misleading doctrines is on the position Jesus plays in our salvation. The devil is a liar and will use all means including mislead us on our understanding of the bible to suit his own interest. The Catholics for instance like to promote Mary as the savior, but is this really what the bible teaches. The bible teaches of Jesus as the true savior and the path to salvation, however some religious sects portray him otherwise. The Muslims claim Jesus (Isa) was just a prophet and neither was he crucified as claimed in the bible. The Muslims on the other hand refute him being the son of God neither do they acknowledge his death and crucifixion.
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Another thing I have noted when I listen to sermons today is the emphasis they put on people to pray to God for material things. The religious leaders or pastors will focus on praying for their brethren to gain material wealth such as car, money and big houses ignoring the things that matter. The bible itself speaks of how hard it is for a rich man to make it to heaven. Does it mean the poor are not blessed by God because they lack earthly riches? Why again would a righteous Christian who wants to make it to heaven want to seek earthly wealth? As per the bible we should be seeking honesty, compassion, trustworthy, obedience, unselfishness and other virtues that really matter in the eyes of God.
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God’s calls us to be his witnesses and spread his true word all over the world; we should therefore seek to understand what he expects of us. Don’t add or remove anything from Gods, it attracts his wrath. The bible warns those who add or omit anything from God’s words and it should therefore be so to avoid these doctrines of demons.

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