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Posted by: headm on: August 8, 2015

Controlling Your Bladder Is your bladder too overactive? Are you constantly in the bathroom? Are you constantly needing to get up to use the bathroom making sleep nearly impossible? Are you sick having accidents and being constantly embarrassed? All you would have to do to regain control over your life is to follow these simple tips below. Try to Do Kegal Exercises Kegal exercises will improve your pelvic strength and muscle tone. The flow of your urine is actually controlled by these pelvic muscles and that is why it is important to improve their strength. There are many factors that will actually weaken our pelvic muscles such as obesity, childbirth, and also pregnancy. It is very important to do kegal exercises on a regular basis to help improve the strength you have in your pelvis which will in turn help you control your urine. In order to figure out the muscles you have to train it is a good idea to stop your flow of pee because this will help figure out where you will need to focus your exercises on. If you can stop your flow of pee then this is very good because it means the exercises are working.
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People think the reason why they are always running to the bathroom is because they are drinking too much water. However, this is a very bad idea. Drinking plenty of water every single day is vital for our health and that is why you should never reduce the amount of water you are drinking. Do Not Drink Soda, Coffee, or Alcohol Drinking these kinds of liquids will not add to how much water you should be drinking and they will cause you to pee a lot more. Caffeine is an ingredient that is a part of all of these drinks and this ingredient is a diuretic which will make you urinate more often. Drain Your Bladder Completely Always empty out your bladder completely so when you make a trip to the bathroom just relax and take your time. Always Go to the Bathroom Before Bed One of the best things that you can do especially if you are having a hard time sleeping is to empty out your bladder before you sleep. The reason why you should always use the bathroom before bed is because this will create muscle memory for your bladder that this is the time it should empty itself out and not in the middle of the night when you are trying to get some sleep because you have an important business meeting to intend at 6am, so just practice these tips and you will regain control of your life again.

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