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Posted by: headm on: February 7, 2016

How to Save Money with the Continuous Ink Supply System As you might think, companies that manufacture and sell printers earn very little money from these printers. They can just earn profit once they sell outrageously overpriced ink cartridges that you need when you already run out of ink for your printing jobs. However, there is one option to enable you to save money by way of the continuous ink supply system. The majority of these systems are not supplied by companies that manufacture and sell printers since they will just infringe their business model. Alternately, they are sold by firms that mean to cut down the cost for people who use their printers regularly. Once you aim to buy the continuous ink supply system, there are certain things to take into account. First, you ought to buy the holding cases for the ink, which go from 4 to 8 pigment containers. Then you ought to install these in your system, but can be a little tricky so you ought carefully read the instructions and follow everything in correct order when doing so. Even the slightest mistake during the installation can turn easily to a disaster so be sure not to mess things up. It would be better if you know someone who has done it before in order to ask him to help you with the process to keep the system running appropriately. Once everything is done, you can already fill up each cartridge with the exact ink that you need. You can then test a few pages so you can realign your printer in case the printout is not clear enough.
Doing Inks The Right Way
Previously, when you bought color printer cartridges and only one ink color runs out, you need to buy a new color cartridge that is quite costly. This is not the case once you have the continuous ink supply system as all you should do is to fill up the cartridge with a particular ink color that is running low and everything will be all set just like it was new.
Doing Inks The Right Way
Another reason that a continuous ink supply system can help you save money is that the ink you need to keep it running is way cheaper compared to the conventional ink you used before. However, there is a downside also with regards to these products because they are made for printing jobs in offices or home that are done on a regular basis. If you only use your printer a few times in a week or month, it may not be a good idea to buy the system because the ink needs to always keep moving through the printer so it won’t harden up. For individuals and firms that use the printer regularly, having the continuous ink supply system can greatly help to save money. You may need to learn the whole process when starting up because maintenance is greatly important so it will function properly. After you have figured out the necessary maintenance, you will already start enjoying your investment while saving money on the process.

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