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Posted by: headm on: April 28, 2015

What Casino Games Get People So Hooked? There’s a whole new level of casino games that you can play today. A casino gambler 25 years ago wouldn’t even recognize some of the popular casino games of their time. With more improved and innovative technologies applied, it has made various casino games like video poker and progressive slots even more addicting. Some casino games have been developed along with the recent trends in American culture and leisure time. Take this for example, the Caribbean stud poker was first developed on a Caribbean cruise ship tour. Other sorts of games have penetrated the American casinos mainly because of globalism and subsequent blend of gaming cultures. One excellent example in this matter is the Pai Gow; a type of casino game that uses dominos, which originated from China. And even if the game is exotic to most American players, it has actually created a very steady growth to popularity over the past decades. One may expect to see other foreign games that have also found their way to the casino floors in the near future. But some old standards have retain a spot in various casinos. Still, one of the most enticing and exciting places to be on casino floors are the craps. But regardless of the type of game that you wanted to play, rest assure that the casinos of today are offering many more varieties than what it has in the past. Simply take a look to some of the most popular casino games that you may play today. Progressive slot machines – a few decades ago, this casino game seems to be an impossible one. The size of jackpots remained low because of the limitations of mechanical slot machine. But the slots industry have changed big time primarily because of the widespread usage for random number generators as well as interlinked video slots. Most of the slot players will even say that the industry has changed for the better.
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Video poker – this is a close genre of video slot machines. Video poker machines are making use of random number generator to be able to run a fast paced game similar to progressive slots. And just like slots, the payoffs that these casino games have significantly increased in the past 2 decades. Believe it or not, video poker is among the favourite games among professional gamblers. Video poker can have a house edge of as low as .50 percent if it is played correctly.
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Caribbean stud poker – as what the name implies, the game actually originates from the islands of Caribbean. It has made its way to several gambling rooms of cruise liners, so it was just a matter of time before it hit land based casinos.

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