Potty Training Tips For A New Mom

Posted by: headm on: May 6, 2014

Potty training is the challenging job for a mother. Well, it is challenging but not impossible. At first, approach your child for potty training with confidence. Potty training is the good skill and a daily mandatory habit for your child. Your child will take interest automatically, you just need to pay attention and need to spend some quality time with your little baby. For various tips and tricks on potty training you can visit http://www.babyplayface.com/ and many other sources allied to child health.

Approach your child for potty training with confidence. Dont lose your confidence because your child will pick up on your negative attitude and respond accordingly. Some parents try potty training with fear; it will give a negative impact on your kid.

You should prepare yourself for potty training with your child because preparation is the primary key to potty training success. You should decide the correct time for potty training. Make this decision and stick to it.

The perfect age of child for learning the potty training is 3 but, some children take more time to learn. If your child takes more time to learn then dont lose your patience, your child will learn it with the passage of time.

Understand the importance of checking for readiness potty training. The child stops staining his or her diaper during the night or nap time. During the day, it is common for your child’s diaper to remain dry for three hours or longer on a regular basis.

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