Plan a Long Weekend in New York

Posted by: headm on: March 24, 2019

There are hundreds of Things to Do in New York, so plan the trip before arriving. People can spend weeks in the city and still not be able to see and do everything. A long weekend will be packed with activities depending on preferences and financial circumstances. Get organized first so the group has the tickets, directions, and time to do what is desired.

Free Activities

If the trip is one for the whole family keep in mind there are several free activities to delight tourists. Central park, museums, Grant’s Tomb, and Rockerfeller Center top the list. Some events and activities in the center require tickets, but there are many that do not. There are shops, an observation deck, art and sculptors and others that will not cost money.


Get tickets online to see a Broadway show. Make sure to have these well in advance because some shows sell out which means the group will be unable to buy tickets once in the city. Drama, musicals, comedies, Disney, and a full range of shows to accommodate any preference.

Take note that tickets will range in prices depending on the popularity of the show, the time of year, and the seating selection. The play Wicked is an excellent example. Tickets range from under one-hundred dollars to over five-hundred dollars per person.


New York has cruises to the Statue of Liberty, day cruises around the harbor, dinner cruises, and night cruises for adults. It is recommended to get these early as well because space is limited. Buying tickets online is convenient and easy. Websites provide graphics of the stages and mark each section in a different color, so buyers know exactly where they will be sitting.


The food is worth the trip alone. Whether it is a pretzel from a street vendor or authentic regional food in Chinatown, there is something for everyone and every budget. There are some finer restaurants that require reservations to get inside. Some are owned and operated by celebrity chefs or regular celebrities. Whatever strikes your fancy can be found in New York. Once the trip is over, the group will be planning another one.

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