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Posted by: headm on: January 18, 2015

Playing sports have long been a popular tradition in Australia. With encouragement from parents and school authorities, many kids take up sports as an extra-curricular activity to improve their fitness as well as for the sheer enjoyment and camaraderie that it brings.

While sports can technically be played anywhere with enough room, the wrong type of playing surface or setup can diminish the experience, or worse still, cause injury. For instance you shouldn’t play soccer on concrete as you may just hurt yourself if you fall on the hard surface.

Sporting venues for community or school use should be specially constructed to bring out the most of the game as well as meet safety standards. They need to be built with the proper surface and come with the correct kind of sporting equipment and hardware such as padding, goal posts, nets and line marking depending on the sport.

If you are looking to build a sports arena with the correct kind of sporting equipment in Adelaide, Peter Miranda Sports is your one-stop sports equipment suppliers for the job. The company has been in the sporting equipment business for 20 years and has helped build and equip sports venues for schools, sporting organizations and clubs.

They specialise in sports equipment and hardware for cricket, AFL football, soccer, basketball, netball, tennis, lacrosse playing grounds and more. Some of the solutions they offer include goals and goalposts, synthetic grass, nets of all kinds and padding. All their sporting equipment is manufactured according to stringent quality standards to ensure that they are safe and durable. There are few other sports equipment stores in Adelaide that can match the quality of their products and solutions.

For instance, Peter Miranda Sports manufactures aluminium soccer goals according to ACCC Product Safety Standards. Their protective nets and padding for stadiums are also made to the highest quality to protect the spectators, sportsmen and officials alike. The company can also custom make sport turfs and sport padding according to your requirements.

In short, if you are in the market to build a sports ground in Adelaide, it’s advisable that you equip it with the best quality sporting equipment for the safety and enjoyment of people who will be using the venue. “If you build it, they will come” from The Field of Dreams is one of the most iconic quotes in sports movies but it rings true in real life. Build a sports court and fit it with the proper sporting equipment and you will be bound to have a success on your hands. 

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