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Posted by: headm on: September 4, 2015

Why Single Speed Bikes are Cheaper and More Affordable Biking has two types of gearing and one of it is called the single speed bike because this type of bike does not have parts like that of the other types of bikes like having a hub gearing, derailleur system and any other gearing it has like the other types of bike. There are just so many varieties of bikes that you can find today and some of which is to match the specific terrain where the user will most likely go such as mountains, treks, roads or even more than one of these terrains. Should you be planning to get a bike for your kid, then going for the single speed gearing bikes will definitely do you good because the price is not that expensive and to maintain the bike is not that complicated as well due to its simplicity. Should you be traveling on your bike to different road conditions, mountains and other terrains, on a regular basis, then the single speed system bike may not be the type of bike for this adventure. If you are a frequent terrain traveler, then going for multi-gear bike systems will be perfect to match your travel needs as single speed system bikes is not built for these terrains. There are different types of terrains and they need the right adjustments and gears to be able to pedal through the terrain with ease and with multi-gear systems, this is achievable and can be done to pedal with ease along different types of terrains, may it be an uphill or downhill terrain. For people who want to engage and exposed to different types of terrains, then multi-gear bikes will definitely help them get to experience the types of terrains comfortably and if you are looking to have a basic bike just for your kids, then the single speed system bikes will surely be just fine as it’s not only cheap but is perfect for your biking needs as well. The brake systems of single speed bikes are also not that complicated as the multi-geared systems and is really straightforward because this does not require any rear drum or disc brakes.
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In the even that you are just starting to get your own bike, then the number of advantages and benefits that you will get if you wish to settle with single speed bikes are just enormous because aside from the fact that it really is cheaper when compared to other bikes, the need to maintain the bike is also lesser because it has few components that you need to maintain. The time needed to have it fixed in a mechanic shop is also lesser as there won’t be any forms of major fixes needed and the amount of money you will have to invest for parts and fix will be at minimum.5 Takeaways That I Learned About Bikes

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