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Posted by: headm on: November 6, 2015

Choosing The Best Paint Sprayer Many paint sprayers are being sold in the paint market today. The retailers call most of the new products as airless sprayers. This only means that the paint sprayer does not need air to push the fresh paint through the sprayer tip. This sprayer is something that’s been innovated from the traditional paint sprayer since it makes use of a special pump that imitates the need of air for spraying and pushes the paint to a spray gun that will do the spray function. The spray gun then fires the paint that’s been loaded onto it through a tiny hole that causes the paint to travel in high velocity. The paint products it can use ranges from latex to lacquer-based components. Using The Airless Paint Sprayer For Home Painting Whether it’s a soffit or a facia you want to paint, you’ll always have the convenience of doing so using the airless paint sprayer. You can also improve your painting task convenience by purchasing a painter’s tape. Still, there are times when the painter’s tape might not be accessible for your, but you can always paper or plastic to cover areas where you won’t be applying the paint. Also, cover your patios if you have one. It’s also recommended that you move your furniture outside if you think it will get in the way of your painting. This is only to make sure that you won’t have to worry about the overspray ruining your equipment. Basically, overspray is a cloud of paint that settles into any surface it makes contact with.
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This may seem irrelevant but taking notice of the wind’s direction is important when you use the paint sprayer. This is because the airless paint sprayers are sensitive to the force of the wind and the clouds of paint can be easily redirected by the wind. You don’t want the paint from the sprayer going places where it’s not supposed to be. Using the airless sprayer during calm days will surely help you benefit your property and your neighbors’. What To Consider About The Distance Applying the paint properly means that you have to make sure that the sprayer is in the right distance from the target surface. So make sure that the sprayer is ten inches from the surface you’re trying to paint. Many airless sprayers are known to apply paint quickly because it uses the high-velocity spray method. This can only mean that applying the paint in close proximity with the surface will be too wasteful as the paint will only be concentrated on a single spot. This will cause the pain to sag once it dries.

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