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Posted by: headm on: October 11, 2015

Interesting Facts About the Sport of Golf It’s A Good Workout Lots of people find it amusing when golf is referred to as a sport or when a golfer is referred to as an athlete. Golf is definitely a leisurely activity. Surprisingly though, golf is a real calorie burner. A man weighing 180 pounds can knock off 490 calories by playing golf for an hour. Of course there is a catch: you need to tote around your own clubs. Golf Goes for the Gold
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The 2016 Olympics will feature golf. People couldn’t stop talking about the Olympics announcement with some people talking about the pros and others talking about the cons. No matter where people stood, they were pretty fired up about the prospect of golf at the Olympics for the first time.
6 Facts About Golf Everyone Thinks Are True
However, golf isn’t an Olympics newbie. Golf was featured at the Olympics before, in 1899. It will undoubtedly be the first time most people alive today has witness golf at the Olympics, however. I bet all those people who laugh at golf being a sport aren’t laughing anymore, or maybe they’re laughing harder. Golfing and Women Golf is something that most people associate with men. Television shows often show golf as a dividing force within marriages. But plenty of women like to golf. Women have been participating in golf tournaments since the early part of the 19th century. And there are a lot of women who are good at hitting those little white balls. And those who aren’t might want to get better. Golf is pretty prominent amongst those who work in corporate America and is a great way to network. It was suggested recently, in an women’s magazine, that women who had hopes of being successful in corporate America learn how to play golf. Golf in Outer Space There aren’t many sports than can they were played on the moon. Actually, there is only one: golf. Forty-three years ago, Alan Shepard hit some golf balls while walking on the moon. They like the United States flag is still on the moon. Golf had definitely gone where no sport had gone before. Of course since there isn’t even a quarter of the gravity of earth on the moon, it was probably the hardest game he ever played. But there is no doubt that he never had a more exciting tee off. If you’re curious about the club used, there was some improvising involved. He had to connect the head of an 8 iron to piece of a cabinet on the ship.

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