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Posted by: headm on: April 10, 2016

Understanding Your Kelly Blue Terrier as a Pet While a cherished pet for many, the Kelly Blue Terrier is actually your classic working dog. He hails from County Kerry (Ireland) where he was born and trained to herd sheep and cattle, destroy vermin, and hunt small birds. But due to his intelligence, loyalty and courage, he also became such a well-loved friend. Personality and Mood Kerry Blue Terriers are typically jolly but strong-headed. They are trusty and warm towards their owners, especially small kids, but hostile to other dogs and animals in general. The Kerry is said to have a great sense of humor, and owners must have it as well in order to fully appreciate the dog.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Dogs
Food and Feeding
The Art of Mastering Pets
Depending on the size of the Kerry as an adult, he must be fed a formula that matches his digestive needs across the different phases of his life. Plenty of dog food companies create formulas that are made for specific breeds of every size. The Kerry is considered a medium breed with a 12 to 15-year lifespan. The owner decides what to feed his dog, but it is best they work with a veterinarian or breeder to know how much and how frequent meals should be, as well as what diet is best for increasing longevity. Of course, the pet should be able to drink clean and fresh water any time. Grooming a Kerry The coat of the Kerry doesn’t shed nor cause allergies, but it still needs a nice trim every month or so and a thorough brush at least once a week. Aside from regular weekly grooming, he needs an occasional bath to stay clean and beautiful. With strong and fast-growing nails, he’s going to need a regular trim with a nail grinder or clipper. This way, there will be no splitting, cracking or overgrowth. Ears should also be checked periodically to prevent infection caused by wax buildup. Of course, the teeth will need regular brushing too. Physical Activity and Energy The Kerry’s intelligence and temperament make him a natural playmate for you kids, an enthusiastic companion and a dependable home guardian. But he has the distinct terrier personality and will require consistent exercise and training. His intelligence makes him a good student who succeeds with a little structure and positive reinforcement. Health Issues As with any other dog breed, the Kerry is prone to specific health problems, including eye disease and hip dysplasia. But in general, Kelly Blue Terriers are healthy canines. As long as your Kerry came from a reputable breeder, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Good breeders use techniques such as genetic testing to minimize the chances of disease in their puppies.

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