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Posted by: headm on: February 2, 2016

How Personal Injury Attorneys and Criminal Attorneys are Different Personal injury cases represent victims of accidents in which they have received serious damages. Personal injury attorneys are different than lawyers who practice criminal law. Below are some ways that personal injury attorneys differ from criminal attorneys. To start, the way personal injury attorneys are paid and the way that criminal lawyers are paid is different. To hire a criminal lawyer, all you need is the money for the retainer. However, that is not the way personal injury attorneys select their cases. Personal injury attorneys only get paid if they get a judgment or settlement for their clients. Once they win the case, they get the payment from the payment their client receives. This is called a contingency arrangement. If you commit a crime and are caught, you’ll probably get some calls from a few criminal attorneys. They will often search newspapers for people recently arrested in order to find clients. A personal injury attorney, on the other hand, will never initiate contact with potential clients. Even if a personal injury lawyer is standing right next to you when you are injured in an accident they will not offer to represent you. In fact, it is against the law for personal injury lawyers to approach clients. Although personal injury attorneys have gotten a reputation for being ‘ambulance chasers’ they are anything but.
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Personal injury attorneys rarely go to court, unlike criminal attorneys who are always in court. A lot of people are surprised by this fact. The reason why personal injury attorneys don’t go to court much goes back to the way they are paid. Since personal injury attorneys get paid only when they are successful, they only choose cases that they believe they can be successful at winning. Since the cases that personal injury attorneys choose are so strong, the defendants settle nearly all of the time.
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Of course, personal injury attorneys practice law in civil court instead of criminal court like criminal attorneys. Personal injury cases never result in anyone ever going to jail. Government is not a plaintiff in personal injury cases like it is with criminal cases. Personal injury cases are cases that involve individuals. If you are injury because someone was negligent you don’t have to sue them. If you chose not to sue, that would be the end of it. However, if someone commits a crime against you, you have no say in whether or not they will be charged. The government would bring charges against the individual, or individuals, whether you wanted them to or not. If you have been injured, don’t hesitate; contact a personal injury attorney today.

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