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Posted by: headm on: May 16, 2015

Tips for Online Roulette Newbies If you’re new to online gambling, online roulette is a great game for you because it is one of the simplest you’ll find at any online casino. Still, that doesn’t mean it is easy to win. Just like any other casino game, it can quickly wipe out your cash if you’re not careful. Nevertheless, while nothing can guarantee you a win, you can do some things that will increase your chances or at least reduce your losses. Going for the European Wheel Roulette basically comes in two types – American and European. You can identify them by checking if there’s a green slot that has two zeroes. A European wheel is one where there is no double zero slot. You will have a great time with either, but remember that on days when lady luck isn’t smiling at you, your losses on the American Roulette will come twice as fast as they will on its European counterpart. What’s the reason?What is that so?What is the reason behind? That’s due to the American wheel house edge value being two times bigger than that of its European counterpart. A higher house edge means better chances of winning for the casino, so that in the long run, it makes more money with the American wheel. Thus, to make turn this set up to your favor, always pick the European wheel. Betting Objectively
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Several roulette players have a tendency to be emotional betters, especially when they’re not doing very well at a game. This is actually one of the biggest blunders any roulette player can make – wanting to win more when they’re winning, and wanting to recoup their losses fast when they’re losing. If you’re overcome with emotion, you will not be able to think well and use the right techniques. In most, if not all, cases, emotional playing only leads to losses. Hence, always keep your mind calm and composed, keeping to the strategies that you have planned on using. Panicking only makes your losses worse.
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Losing What You Can Afford To Again, there is no game of chance such as roulette that has a sure formula for winning. Even when you have a strategy that sounds perfect, it still can’t guarantee you a win. If things aren’t going as you want them to, you’ll likely lose most of your bets. You may lose all your money. That means you should only play online roulette with money that you’re okay losing. Strategy and Its Importance Lastly, while there’s no strategy that can guarantee you a win on online roulette, playing without strategy is just like handing your money over to the casino. Hence, do use a strategy to at least boost your chances of a win. A good strategy in online roulette will tell you how much you should bet and when, along with when you should keep betting or stop to reduce the losses.

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