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Posted by: headm on: November 1, 2015

Reduce Employee Turnover with Stay Interviews The managers need to measure the level of employee job satisfaction for them to be able to reduce the turnover. The success of this process lies in it going on throughout the year. Stay interviews are the processes by which the managers find out from the employees what motivate them and what they do not like about the job. There will always be a question as to when you should conduct the stay interviews. These interviews should be conducted at least once in a year. It is common to find that managers will put the stay interviews together with performance evaluations which is wrong because the goals are different.
News For This Month: Jobs
You are likely not to get the results that you should get when you schedule the stay interviews during stressful periods in the company. It is also important that you explain what the interview is intended to do before the actual interviews take place.
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You should let the employees know that you require from them honesty. The company will be a better workplace only if the employees communicate their honest opinions. The only way stay interviews would work is if there is trust between the employee and the manager that is interviewing. If you have trust then you will easily get the honest responses that you are looking for. By starting with simpler questions they will ensure that you build the trust of the employee during the stay interview. There will be variations in the questions as the employees in the company are not all the same. Avoiding questions that either have yes or no answers are recommended. The tasks that the employees enjoy doing and need some explanations are the best questions to ask during the stay interviews. The manager should encourage the employees to stay away from blaming each other because it is not constructive. What the manager could also encourage is the employee to focus on the work environment and employee specific roles. You are required to follow up on the stay interview after it is done. This is because if you do not, the employees will perceive the whole exercise as a waste of time. What you need to do is organize the answers received from the employees as survey responses. The answers will be analyzed carefully then you need to brainstorm the positive and negative trends. Giving feedback to the employees about what you are intending to do after the stay interview is important. However, before you start conducting the stay interviews, you need to be committed to changing things in the company. The employees will be greatly motivated when the management shows that they care about the welfare of their employees.

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