My Sister Needed Help to Find Deals on Mobile Devices

Posted by: headm on: June 24, 2012

My Sister wanted a new mobile device, so I decided to help her with the ordeal. I had a feeling that she wanted to try one of the new mobile phones on the market. I made sure to ask her if she was still a Verizon customer, and she told me that she was. I asked her if her contract with the company had almost reached its expiration date. She informed me that she had only a month and a half left.

After she let me know such information, I let her know to check online in order to find out what she could do about the matter. She followed my advice and searched for a way to get a new mobile device. She found out that she had to renew her contract for another two years in order to get a new mobile phone. She was very pleased to hear such news and decided to renew her subscription with the wireless company.

My Sister had to enter a certain wireless promo code, so she could find the list of mobile devices. She found out that they were online exclusives and knew it would be good to get her hands on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III. She really wanted that mobile device and did not have to pay much money for it. She is very happy to have renewed the contract and loves being able to use her new cell phone.

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