Metal Frames Or Plastic Frames: What Is The Best For Eyeglasses?

Posted by: headm on: December 12, 2012

The choice of materials used for eyeglass frames can have a subsequent effect on your style quotient. Typically, eyeglass frames come in two materials plastic and metal. Though it is typically up to us to choose either of these options, there is still a lot of dilemma over the choice. Both plastic and metal frames have a lot of variations in styles and colors, yet there are certain unpredictable factors that dictate the choice.

While metal frames have always been deemed as more durable and sturdy, the latest plastic, which is acetate, is now being considered as lightweight, and more durable than the traditional frames. On the contrary, titanium has taken over the regular frames in metal, due to its diligent compliance and flexibility. There are many additional options that have been coming up in the recent times, offering more and more choices. Vision direct gives you direction in both metal and plastic frames.

The trend of plastic frames has recently got hold of the market because of its trendy looks. Although the frames are generally thicker in size, they are lightweight. While metal frames are thinner, they are overtly thin at times.

Plastic frames have more and more variations in styles, shapes and designs, while the metal frames stick to conventional shapes.

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