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Posted by: headm on: February 7, 2016

The Popularity of Japanese Manga Marvel may be showing off its American appeal in different parts of the world but the Japanese Manga is also becoming popular in the United States and other countries too. Manga is a part of the Japanese culture for more than half a century and it is becoming more popular in Japan which covers all of the generations. When you don’t know what Manga is, this is actually the Japanese word for a certain comics style that illustrates cinema techniques with great story lines as well as continuous action and characters in the story and has excellent expressions. In the US, the comics sales are aimed to a particular age group of youngsters, however, the Japanese Manga is for both the young and old. The Manga of today comes with its own style of artwork and they also have their own style of drawing foreheads, faces, eyes, expressions, chins and others. When you are going to read the Manga story books, they are opposite of what the English countries do. You will have to read from the back of the book and you must also read every page from right to left. The Japanese Manga has a storytelling style which is also artistic. There are lots of great works of art that have been published through the use of the Manga style techniques and are also prized highly by the Japanese culture. When it comes to differences in the Japanese style Manga and the American comics, is in that in every American comic volume, each comic has a separate plot. You have to understand that the Manga style comes with a similar plot in the Manga volumes. This is one of the reasons why there are those who think that Manga books are graphic novels. You will be able to see illustrations of black and white drawings in the inner pages of the Manga books and each volume is serialized in a bound book. There is no longer much respect given to the comics in US being a form of art or literature. However in Japan, Manga is still respected. Since this is highly respected in Japan, so many of the series are made into movies or television shows.
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Manga is used as the best media venue of the Japanese culture. It is quite easy to tell a story about anything that you want to the readers. This makes it a lot easier to describe complicated descriptions that matter in a story. The use of Manga is a tool in order to deliver a message as a story is really helping the companies understand the power of Manga. Manga has certainly reached all people, both young and old, and this was able to beat the sales of American comics.Why not learn more about Novels?

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