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Posted by: headm on: August 12, 2015

What You Need When Faced with a Pedestrian Injury Case Car accidents are the worst road incidents. If serious damages are not done on the car, other terrible outcomes are experienced. Case in point is car accidents involving pedestrians. This is because the pedestrian is always a victim because the person involved does not have any protection. Going by the numbers released every year pedestrian injury cases account for most of the road accidents. Due to their intensity and frequency in occurrence, it is best that everyone becomes familiar with the steps to follow when the inevitable happens. That being said here are some of the things you need to do after the accident. Most importantly, you need to consider the safety of the injured person. If he is lying on the road, you need to transfer him or her to a safe place. Considering that you are competent in administering ministrations, you can do what you can before the ambulance arrives.
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Therefore, you should contact medical care providers to the spot before you do anything else. Do not attempt to leave the scene of the accident even if you are in a rush as the charges might turn to be stricter than they would have been. Moreover, you might end up losing the support of your insurance company if you do this. Wait until the ambulance and the police arrive to the spot to give your account of the story to the police.
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Considering that the pedestrian was not seriously injured in the accident, you can exchange your contact details with the person. However, if he is incapacitated, you can follow the person to the hospital and see that he is catered for. Penalties involving personal injury cases are determined based on various things for instance the point where the accident happened. In that case, if the accident happened at the zebra crossing, the penalties will be stiffer than other sections of the road. Contact the family of the pedestrian when the person gives you the contacts of his relations. If he is incapacitated, you can follow up with the police for this. Regardless of who is at-fault, the person who loses most is usually the pedestrian and because of this you have to be more concerned of his or her state than yours. Make sure the person gets better treatment before the ambulance and the police arrive at the scene.

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