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Posted by: headm on: November 9, 2015

All About LED Grow Lights There’s a long story to tell when it comes to indoor gardening and lots of people actually love it. Host of indoor garden is worrying most of the light for it. To be able to promote proper and healthy growth is the primary use of the light for plants. Even though indoor gardening is a popular activity and many are using LED grow lights for it, there are still countless of individuals who’re unaware of what this thing could do. Thus, they are still using HID grow light. Well, to give you a better understanding to how LED grow lights work and to how it could bring benefit to you and to your indoor garden activities, you must keep on reading. Number 1. The 90W UFO grow lights could instead of 300 to 450W of HID Grow lights, which do pretty much the same thing. But it can help you to save to as much as 80 percent of electricity.
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Number 2. The wavelength of LED is very important as general red light wave is using 620 – 630 um while the blue light wave is using 450-460um and 460-470um. When it comes to red light, it is promoting plants to bloom and sprout and the blue light is only used to promote proper growth of plants.
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Number 3. LED grow lights could be used for indoor purposes only and its shining time is around 10 to 14 hours. Number 4. There are 2 different types of 90W LED grow lights; one is round and the other is square. The former is sometimes named as UFO LED grow lights. Usually, the weight of UFO grow lights are much lighter but the illumination of the square LED grow lights are a lot stronger. Number 5. Light decline is relatively small because the lifetime could potentially last for 50,000 hours. Number 6. Brilliant rays that the LED grow lights produce could be absorbed by the plant. Yes it is true that HID can also do the same thing but you ought to know that LED grow lights are better and stronger and thus, more efficient to use. It is important that you pay attention to the use of LED grow lights indoor when using such similar to avoiding to touch the surface of the light after turning it on, don’t put it near in water, don’t let the water to soak the lights, when raining, you better close the power as this is an excellent lighting measure and you must know that the temperature of LED grow lights are below 65 centigrade.

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