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Posted by: headm on: January 23, 2016

College Education: The Importance Education is passing knowledge from one person to another, being able to expand your abilities to judge and reason, and training yourself so that you will be able to be a better person that is more prepared to live out in the world. The reason why first world countries are in the state they are in now is because of education, it is that simple and when you look at countries that do not put an important focus on education you will notice that they are all struggling third world countries with little to no development. If you want to have a successful nation then you will need to have a government with a top notch college education that also has an open mind and good hearts and you will also need to have a population of highly educated people as well to give you support because the one thing separating a country with no development to a first world country is a lack of education, but when people are no longer ignorant that is when they have the power to do change and to create a better life. The key to success is education and if you have an excellent college education then you will have the tools to change the world as we know it and that all because of knowledge that you have received. If society is going to thrive and prosper then it will need to have a good education because education is the root of all success when it comes down to being able to have a successful society. The worst plague on mankind is ignorance and this ignorance is what caused mankind to not advance nearly eight hundred years because there was no education but once education started appearing and people started to shed their ignorant shackles that are holding them back because all of these discoveries and technology that we have now is all because of education. Education is one of the biggest reasons why first world countries are so developed and this is because people are not ignorant and they know of the world and they are college educated so they know what to do in order to improve the world. When people have college educations they will also have the tools to change the world because with the knowledge they have they will be able to have the power to cause political, social, and economic growth and also development in not only their local areas or even countries, but also the entire world if they are able to know how to grasp that power properly.
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College education will allow you to not only understand everything around you and why things are the way they are but it will also open up your mind which is a beautiful thing. And this is why college education is so crucial to have because education is the basis of everything and why countries are so successful and why people are able to improve their lives and their situations because they have a good education and they have an open mind that understand the way of the world.The Best Advice About Learning I’ve Ever Written

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