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Medical Reasons for Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Cosmetic surgery is getting very popular nowadays not just for restoring beauty and reversing the aging process. Below are some of the other conditions that plastic surgeons work on aside from beauty concerns. Breast augmentation is a most common cosmetic surgery procedure practiced today. When this is mentioned, it should no longer bring up images of Hollywood actresses in our minds. It has followed that when the rate of breast cancer cases increased, the sale of breast implants also increased. When a person survives breast cancer, the breast implants are used to restore her body’s contour, and this is also widely accepted and practiced. Some women with heavy breasts undergo breast reduction to relieve them or prevent back ailments.A significant loss of weight in women sometimes result in the loss of elasticity of the breasts and thus they can undergo a procedure for breast lifting. Usually when there is significant weight loss on a person it is not only the breasts that suffer but also their skin and muscle tone which also need to undergo cosmetic surgeries.
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Reconstructive plastic surgery is also being done to both men and women of different ages. There are people who have difficulty breathing due to nose abnormalities or obstructions and nose jobs or Rhinoplasty are performed on them and on people who suffer from sleep apnea.
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Plastic surgeons do procedures such as skin cancer removal on the face of patients where they do reconstruction to the best of their abilities so that facial damage is minimized and the surface of the skin is repaired. Cleft lip and palate repair are also some of the other common procedure that plastic surgeons perform on their patients. Reconstructing a patient’s cleft lip and palate is necessary because these conditions hamper a person’s ability to eat and communicate. Plastic surgeons also do reconstructions on trauma patients. Bone structure rebuilding and skin surface repair are just some of the medical necessities of these patients. Plastic surgeons are also needed by burn victims. Depending on a patient’s insurance coverage, it is possible for the insurance to cover cosmetic surgeries for medical needs. A procedure that is not elective but a treatment or cure for a medical problem will be placed in a different category by insurance companies. When a doctor works alongside an insurance company and explains the necessity of the procedure, insurance companies sometimes agree to pay all or part of the bill. If you want information regarding the necessity of plastic surgery procedure, you should contact your local plastic surgeon. Do not go into cosmetic surgery without getting tips and advice before a procedure. For cosmetic surgeries, it is good if you get all the necessary information first before going through any procedure, and ask for recommendations on whom to do the cosmetic surgery procedures for your particular ailment.

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