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Posted by: headm on: October 1, 2015

How to Buy a French Bulldog from a Reputable Breeder So you want to have a French bulldog for a pet. As soon as you’re sure this is the breed for you and your lifestyle, you can start looking for a breeder. Not just any breeder though. You want to make sure you get your Frenchie from reputable hands. After all, this dog requires long-term commitment, so don’t fall for the first breeder right away. In fact, it’s good that you talk to a number of them and ask whatever questions you have in mind. Visit the breeding area if you can and check its cleanliness and the overall condition of the dogs there. The breeder should be able to answer your questions directly and show you pictures, pedigrees, and so on. More specifically, ask about their health checks. A good breeder is one who provides continues advice and support during a puppy’s life. Thus, pick one you are comfortable around, and someone with whom you can communicate effectively.
Getting Creative With Breeders Advice
Aside from giving answers to your questions, a good breeder will also have his own questions that will help him determine if you will be a good Frenchie owner. If it feels like you’re under “interrogation,” don’t take offense. It’s standard operating procedure and a sign that you have a responsible breeder. Remember that this person or pet shop has invested not only money, but also time, effort and love to raise this Frenchie well. They need be sure that you, as the potential owner, will give the same love, care and attention to the puppy, if not more. As they say, “It is not easy to breed good dogs, but it is even more difficult to place them in the right hands.”
Getting Creative With Breeders Advice
Another sign of a good breeder is when they ask you to sign a written agreement where both your and their responsibilities to the dog are detailed. Once you’ve chosen a breeder, you need to take note that due to the relative rarity of French bulldogs, you’ll probably have to wait some time until they produce a litter. Wait anyway for it will be definitely worth it. You may be able to bring home your new Frenchie at 8-12 weeks, regularly wormed and vaccinated (typically at 7-8 weeks). Also make sure you have the dog’s vaccination records, microchip documentation, a copy of the pedigree, a registration certificate, and puppy care and diet sheet. In case you have questions on raising your Frenchie, go ahead and contact your breeder. They will usually be willing to respond. Besides, it’s their responsibility to make sure that the Frenchie is kept healthy and happy. If they don’t have the required solution to your problem, they will refer you to a local vet.

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