KVAR Energy Saver has a new contender for best Energy Saver…

Posted by: headm on: July 25, 2013

When looking for energy conserving items, it is a really sensible customer indeed who does his/her research. Let’s compare apples to apples in this genuine competition below.

Guarantee Policy, Refund Policy & Client service

KVAR Energy Savers are made in Daytona, Florida and come with a 12 year guarantee. KVAR Energy Savers just assure their items for 12 years so that reveals me that they do not stand behind the quality of their items as much as Electric Saver does.

I offer them a 1 star score, any even worse service and they would be out of company for this. I can’t believe anyone actually will buy kvar products with all the better options out there.

Electric Savers are made in Miami, Florida and included a 20 year guarantee, 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee Full Refund Assurance. The refund policy is ASTONISHING!

Extremely few businesses stand behind their item this well. I offer them a 4 star score however just due to the fact that I had trouble buying online so thats why I called.

Assurance & Security Certifications
Both the KVAR Energy Saver and Electric Saver 1200 has actually been security checked by Underwriters Laboratories. So each get a 5 star rating for this.

When we opened up both gadgets, the KVAR Energy Saver had 2 caps inside. The paint inside the box was ground off to make a grounding connection. KVAR gets 1 star for this grade.

The Electric Saver gadget had 1 cap inside and the electrical wiring was attached to a custom-made copper grounding stud inside the box. The workmanship and customized work they put into it certainly gets a 5 star score.

While both gadgets are offered online for around the exact same rate, the Electric Saver 1200 is a much better offer. Heres why:.
They provide a 1 year Unconditional Refund Assurance and 20 year guarantee included in their cost. Plus consumer support is quickly and readily available by simply calling them for assistance.

Exactly what was KVAR vs. Electric Saver grades?
KVAR Energy Savers = 7 stars from 15.
Electric Saver 1200 = 14 stars from 15.
I highly recommend the Electric Saver 1200 over the KVAR Energy Saver. Comparing and doing your homework before buying often will yield you a much happier experience.

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