Instructions For Having A Better Waxing Experience

Posted by: headm on: June 2, 2014

Waxing can be a quite uncomfortable experience. click here to find out how to make the experience more comforting. At OC Waxing we do our best to fulfill the clients requirements but these are certain things which the clients should follow.

The person getting waxed may take ibuprofen half an hour before the waxing process. This dulls the pain receptors and numbs the pain to some extent.

The person should not drink coffee as the intake of caffeine stimulates the nervous system and can make one nervous.

Hair should be allowed to grow for at least 2 weeks before waxing.

Every persons hair grows at a different rate but 2 weeks is the average time.

The person should not sit under the sun before waxing.

Do not apply any product that dries the skin for at least 1 week before the waxing. This prevents tear and burning.

Spray tanning should be avoided before the waxing as leaves the skin patchy looking.

Moisturizers or any other facial scrubs should be avoided.

Females should look to fix their appointments within two weeks of their cycles as this is when they will be the least sensitive.
Some products which clash with waxing are- Accutane, Differin , Glycolic Acid, Benzol Peroxide, Salylic Acid.

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