Immediate Online Help From A Doctor Can Save A Life

Posted by: headm on: May 12, 2014

A few decades ago, when somebody gets the heart attack, he or she would die as there was no treatment available back then. But many years later CABG surgery was introduced which is also known as the By-pass surgery. This is an open heart surgery in which your blocked arteries are bypassed with other arteries that will carry blood to your heart. The new arteries are taken from either arms or legs. This surgery had only 5 percent of success rate when it was first introduced, but as time passed, the technology got improved and now, this surgery has 98 percent success rate which is phenomenal.

But for a heart patient, it is very crucial to get an immediate treatment as soon as he/she get the heart attack because those first 15 minutes are very crucial and anything can happen to the patient. Calling an ambulance is one thing, but it is very important to provide first aid. We live in the internet age, so you can ask a doctor for live chat online 61 and seek his/her assistance to relax the patient and to lower the pain. A doctor will tell you if there is any injection to be given to the patient or any medicine that is required to lower the pain. That advise would prove to be life saving for the patient.

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