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Posted by: headm on: November 8, 2015

How To Create a Customized Jewelry Design Creating a custom jewelry design is not that easy and it takes passion both for the jewelry designer and the customer to come up with a unique and creative design based on the ideas of both parties and with this, there is also a process on how to create a unique design of custom jewelry that will stand out from the rest of the existing jewelry designs. Sketching or drawing the customer’s idea of his or her customized jewelry design is important because both of them will know what to expect in terms of the result of the design after they brainstorm. Most of the time, customers wanted their jewelry to be customized because they want a design that they have seen on advertisement that could not be found on retail stores or in shopping malls or they have an idea on mind that they wanted it in reality like rings, necklaces, bracelets and other kind of jewelries. Some partners in life would want their engagement or wedding rings to be customized because it has a sentimental value for each of them and the unique design of their rings have meanings in their lives that is why they would come to a jewelry designer to have their rings design in a unique manners. With the use of wax materials, the jewelry designer will now carve jewelry based on the approved design of the customer and this will be a representation of the customized jewelry. To be able to actually visualize and see the actual design of the customized jewelry, the jewelry designer must include the gem or diamond stones on the wax carving of the customized jewelry so that the customer can thoroughly evaluate the outcome of their design.
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After the client has approved the wax design and accessories created by the jewelry designer, it is now time to connect the wax carving to the wax rod known as sprue and it will be hanged through a steel rod and the same material will be poured. The next process will be the wax material will be entered inside the oven to be baked for approximately ten hours so that the wax material will melt through a hollow tube formed by the sprue so that the investment material can be seen.
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Almost all kinds of jewelry are being customized by many jewelry designers and they are not hard to find there are even suppliers online who offer or who provide their services for customizing various kinds of jewelries. Now a day some people are fond of customizing their jewelries so that they can wear it more comfortably and even on past civilizations they also learned to carve and to customize their jewelries based on their beliefs and gods. You can be creative in designing your own jewelry because there are high technology equipments that are used.

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