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The Beauty of Purple Diamonds Purple diamonds which don’t have a secondary hues are considered as extremely rare, many of them are less than a carat or two in size and that this is occasionally found in dark to vivid colors. There are so many fancy purple diamonds which have a needle-like color zones. The fancy color diamonds are divided into two groups which would be the violet diamonds that tend towards the blue-gray spectrum and the other is the purple diamond that has hues which are reddish-pink. The common names for fancy purple diamonds are orchid, lilac, plum, grape, lavender, amethyst and mauve. It is only the ones which are mined at Australia that gains their color because of an unusual high amount of hydrogen within them because their hue is dependent with the amount. The secondary hues or modifiers include the colors gray, pink, brown, red and many others. Its colors range starting off from the fancy intense pink purple to a fancy intense pinkish purple to the fancy deep pinkish purple. The more and unusual than pink diamonds, fancy purple diamonds are actually at home in different kind of settings which starts from necklaces, bracelets and rings to the earrings and pendants. Like the other fancy color diamonds, it can be cut in various ways, but will be able to show well their sparkle in oval, cushion shapes and radiant and also with marquise, pear, asscher and emerald.
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A lot of jewelers like most people looks at violet diamonds as fancy purple diamonds and some dealers actually believe that there is a reason to differentiate between fancy purple diamonds and its violet counterparts. Research found out that true purple diamonds gained their coloration because of the deformations in the lattice which produces a grain like lines of purple color that is found in the stone. Violet diamonds however obtained their color from tiny traces of hydrogen, which is why from a gemological standpoint, there is a reason to separate the two colors.
Why No One Talks About Diamonds Anymore
Rings that are designed at a perfect purple diamond surrounded with diamond baguettes will be something to be a pleasure to wear. You will certainly gain many compliments with it. Adding some beautiful bracelets will give an outstanding effect that’s surely stunning. Whether you consider selecting a single piece or a matching jewelry set which has the addition of a ring, necklaces and bracelet, you will certainly never go wrong in choosing a fancy colored diamond such as purple diamonds. The beauty and uniqueness of purple diamonds is truly amazing and is surely going to provide you with amazing investment returns, which is the reason why there are now so many people that are buying purple diamonds.

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