How To Write A Wedding Invitation Email

Posted by: headm on: September 8, 2014

The jury is out in the appropriateness of e-mail wedding invitations. It’s a high tech, simple and creative way of inviting your guests to your wedding. However, it skirts around the etiquette problem. E-Mail wedding invitations are essentially emails that comprise the fundamental service and reception information then link your visitors to your wedding homepage. That homepage is where they’ll locater map, accommodation, journey and registry info. Full information can be collected from greenvelope and from many other sources connected to it.
Meanwhile read these points, carefully:

a) Open your email account, and click on the “compose new message” tab. For a simple, square and trouble-free invitation, type directly into the box supplied. Copy the wording of a traditional invite if you want to add a little formality to your message.

b) Emphasize your text and alter the fonts by clicking on the “fonts” tablature. Make other modifications to your wording by emphasizing your text and clicking on the “B” for bold, “I” for italics or the drop down amount box to alter the size of your font.

c) Check that you’ve entered all the relevant details, including the date, time, location and how to RSVP. When you have asked your guests to answer via e-mail, create another folder in your account named “attending” and “not attending” to keep track of your answers. Click “create new folder,” which normally is found below your existing folders.

d) Create your invitation if you want by means of desktop publishing software. A desktop publishing program, like Word, will provide you with more range to add images as well as colours to your invitation. Open your chosen application, click on “new” and “templates.” Choose an invitation template if there is one. Fill in the template, and save it to your background by clicking “save” and choosing your file location as “desktop.” Give your invitation a file name for example “wedding invitation.” Additional information can be collected from eternitybyyoni and from many other sources connected to it.

e) Open your e-mail folder and click on “attachments.” Find your invitation under your background files and click on it to attach it to your e-mail. Write a simple opening message directing your recipients to the attached document.

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