How To Stream Video From Your IPod By Using An IPod Dock

Posted by: headm on: September 4, 2013

The latest generation of the iPod Touch offers video in addition to audio. You can download video from the internet or use the built-in camera to record video. Note though that in order to store longer video clips you’ll need a significant amount of memory. An 8 GByte memory can be filled up pretty quickly. So if you are planning to store extensive amounts of video on your iPod, it is better to opt for the 16 GByte or 32 GByte model.

One of the drawbacks of the iPod Touch is the small screen size. It is not a big pleasure to watch video on the built-in screen for longer periods of time. Several vendors have started to offer iPod docks that can extract the video stored on the iPod. You can find those docks at www.amphony.com/products/ipod-docking-station.htm and other online retail websites. Using one of those docks is a great way to watch video on a big screen. There are dedicated signals on the iPod docking connector for video. If you plan on connecting the iPod to a TV then most likely the dock will be using the composite video. If you plan on using a PC to watch the video then the dock can use the Firewire interface to extract the video data.

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